Sunday, January 15, 2006


Future posts on this site will be random, sporadic, vague, ill-defined, and possibly nonexistent

...or something like that.

I just returned from a festive voyage to the old country – America (I live in Japan). My holiday frolic included Pennsylvania, New York City, and Washington D.C.

The last time I had seen Washington was as a child and I remembered little of it so this journey was like seeing it for the first time. I was really impressed.

The quick and limited views of the White House or Capital Building one sees on television news fail to capture the quaint beauty of a city of wide boulevards, an abundance of gardens, trees, and lawns, and exquisite neo-classic architecture. The contrast with a place like China's Tiananmen Square is striking. Of course, a thousand historical realities play into the appearance of a country's political center but Washington actually looks like the center of a dynamic, powerful, free, and open society. I was surprised to see small shops, bars, and coffee shops literally around the corner from the White House and the presidential mansion at night was a jewel of architectural repose (a single protester with numerous signs across the street was almost comical in their contrasting lack of dignity).

Anyway...I'm spent on blogging. I can save myself considerable time by not posting to this site. I'll continue to make weekly postings to my Promethean Visions site which is a relatively quick and easy exercise. I will also continue to slowly add to my observations (and other's quotations) at my Promethean Observer blogsite. As for this site, I may occasionally add some previously unposted material and hope to add to my list of "Big Rants." I may also add a comment or two on occasional current events that capture my interest.

I hope people continue to come across this site even though it's no longer "in motion," and I hope the archives of material I've covered sparks some to consider the conservative / libertarian view with a more open appraisal. I hope that it also prods some to see left-wing philosophy for the scam that it is. It's not about "rebellion" or "justice," it's about power pure and simple -- the desire of pampered intellectuals, and often artists and "philosophers" to impose their will upon those whom they see as their inferiors, morally and intellectually.

The desire for a free, open, and dynamic society is not "fascism" as our socialist betters would have you believe. Neither is it "racism," "heartless," or "oppressive."

Freedom means not having to do what someone else tells you to do and not having to believe what someone else tells you to believe. It means simply being left alone to pursue one's own path.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


"Do As I Say (Not As I Do)...."

I highly recommend the book, Do As I Say (Not As I Do) Profiles in Liberal Hypocricy

I purchased the "Books on CD" version. The opening salvo regarding Noam Chomsky is, in itself, worth the price. Of course, those of us "on the right" have known all along what phony hypocrites these clowns of socialist arrogance are. This book is sober, full of interesting and amusing facts, and confirms once and for all that the left is totally full of sh__t.

Wealthy, smug, fully capitalist control freaks telling the rest of us just how terrilbe capitalism and wealth are - classic.

The best commentary on leftism I've read (heard) in a long time.

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